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25 October 2010

Top 10 Fitness Tips and Tricks

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Get in shape (and stay that way) with these fitness tricks and tips for losing weight from our experts.
Tip 1: Set exercise goals you can meet -- otherwise, you'll stop working out all together. Try to work out on two weekdays and one weekend day for 30 minutes to start -- if you can only do 20, that's okay too. The point is to get moving and keep moving.
top 10 fitness tips 
Tip 2: Get on the same page when it comes to how and when your workouts will happen. Men need to realize women can't always keep up with their intensity levels -- a guy shouldn't push his wife beyond her ability. What feels like a good workout to one of you might be too much or too little for the other. The same goes for healthy eating. The identical meal may not be acceptable to both of you.
Tip 3: Men lose weight faster then women due to the fact that they have more muscle mass and can burn 30 to 40 percent more calories during the same workout. It's not realistic to see the same results in the same time period. Know that going into it.
Tip 4: Want some bonus bites? Try a handful of homemade snack mix: almonds, chocolate-covered soy nuts, dried cranberries, and yogurt chips.
Tip 5: Experiment with fresh herbs: rosemary, sage, thyme, mint, dill. Not only do they add flavor to your meals, they also add many nutrients.
Tip 6: . Head outside. Going to the gym day after day can start to feel routine, and the last thing you want is to dread your workouts. Instead, get some fresh air with a walk, run or bike ride.
Tip 7: Set your screen saver to go on every half hour and use that as your cue to stretch or do some light moves in the office (desk triceps dips, wall push-ups). Or just to get up and walk around the room.
Tip 8: The world is your gym. Rake leaves, prune bushes, and pick up trash in the yard. Another trick: Stand up while on the phone -- you can even try doing squats or leg lifts.
Tip 9: Not a morning person? We hear ya. The best time to exercise is when your energy is highest. People give up when they try to force themselves to work out at a time their body refuses to accommodate. Don't sign up for a 6 a.m. Pilates class if you know you'll never make it. Morning, noon, and night are all great times to exercise.
Tip 10: Grocery shop together at least once a week. On each trip, pick one or two new healthful foods to try. This way, you can spend time together and plan meals as a duo.

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[Nestperts] Tom Holland, a triathlete, a trainer, and the creator of Tom Holland's Fitness Video Series; Cynthia Sass, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, a personal trainer, and coauthor of Your Diet is Driving Me Crazy: When Food Conflicts Get in the Way of Your Love Life; Lisa Sasson, a registered dietitian and clinical assistant professor at New York University; Joan Salge Blake, a nutrition professor at Boston University; Lona Sandon, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and assistant professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; and Hope Warshaw, author of What to Eat When You're Eating Out

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